So What About Non-GMO on the Label?


“Non-GMO” is showing up on labels everywhere.

What does that actually mean?

The words “Non-GMO” and “GMO-free” on product labels can be confusing to consumers.  We are quite sure we don’t want to use products with  genetically modified organisms but how do we know the labels are telling the truth?

The FDA has not set any standards for regulating the use of these words on product labels.

Also, in a Nielsen study in January 2015, 80% of the 30,000 people surveyed said they would pay more for “non-GMO” products.

No wonder we’re confused.

You can look for this logo on the label.

The Non-GMO Project is leading the market by providing a standardized verification process.  They are a non-profit organization committed to not only building a base of non-GMO consumer products but also providing clear consumer education.

When you want to be sure that you are purchasing products that are best for you, your family and the environment, just look for the USDA certified organic seal!


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