Spring Garden Plans

Spring is here and a lot of us are excited to get out there and plant something. We would like to encourage you to consider native plants when planning your outside space.

Native plants are a vital part of the natural web of life. Plants and animals that evolved together have a specific and unique relationship. To put it simply, when a native plant species is removed from the environment, we will also loose the insects that feed on the plant and the birds that feed on the insects and so on. Fortunately, when native plants are reintroduced into an area, many of the other creatures with whom they co-evolved also return.

By planting native species in your own yard, garden or patio container garden you are encouraging biodiversity in your immediate surroundings that will help to bring back the interdependent web of life that is unique to your geographical region.

Growing native plants may be easier than you think. Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions. They will require far less maintenance than non native plants thus saving you time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water.

All states have a Native Plant Society with a wealth of information specific to your area. This is a great place to start your planning. You will want to be sure of the sources of your native plants or seeds. Your local native plant society will be able to direct you to sources that offer ethically harvested plants and seeds.

Indian Meadow Herbals is pleased to be a sustaining member of the Wild Seed Project. The Wild Seed Project is a nonprofit organization that ethically collects seeds of wild and uncultivated forms of native plants and educates the public on propagation techniques to engage citizens in promoting native plant populations.  They have excellent educational resources and for our readers from Maine they have an in depth Native Plant blog.   #WildSeedProject #NativePlants


We would love to hear about your garden plans.  Please comment below and share this information.

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