Unique View of Recycling

This is the view from the ridge where the Indian Meadow Herbals facility is located.

For blog post.jpg

Aside from the fact that I was fortunate enough to capture a rare sunrise rainbow, what do you see here?

Trees…lots and lots of trees.

Our love of trees and the benefits they provide to plants, animals, humans, air quality and water quality are one of the reasons we recycle.

At Indian Meadow Herbals we participate in common recycling practices of plastic, paper, metal and glass.  In addition we also offer a recycling rewards program to our customers.  Send us 5 empty IMH bottles or jars and receive a free product of your choice!

Rather than purchase packaging materials like boxes and packing peanuts, we collect them from the waste stream of local stores to reuse as shipping materials.  We also purchase paper ends from our local newspaper as an alternative to plastic shipping materials.  This ensures that our customers are not contributing to their waste streams with non bio-degradable materials.

Indian Meadow Herbals realizes that as a manufacturer of certified organic skin care products we have the potential to add non-biodegradable materials to the mountains of landfills dotting the countryside.  But we refuse!  We go out of our way to recycle and reuse whenever possible.

What is the most unique thing that you do to recycle?  Go ahead, leave your comments below!

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