Be Aware, 2 Commonly Used Harmful Chemicals

There are countless numbers of toxic chemical ingredients routinely added to personal care items.

Indian Meadow Herbals understands that you may not have the time to research each ingredient in the personal care items you buy.  60% of what you apply on your skin is absorbed into your body.  These are our thoughts on some of these harmful chemicals.

The first group of harmful chemicals are foaming agents like sodium laurel sulfate (SLES).  These chemicals are added to shampoo, shower gel, facial cleansers and dish soap.   These additives are well known to be skin, eye and respiratory tract irritants as well as toxic to aquatic organisms.  Think of what it feels like when you get cleanser in your eyes.  Ouch! During the manufacturing process SLES can be contaminated with ethylene oxide, a known human carcinogen.

The second group of concern is sunscreen chemicals.  Some of these harmful chemicals are benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate and ethoxycinnmate.  These chemicals are used in sunscreen because they absorb ultraviolet light.  They are endocrine disruptors.  You can learn more about the effects of endocrine disruptors here.  What we want you to know is that all of the above mentioned sunscreen chemicals degrade when exposed to UV light. Within 30-60 minutes they are completely ineffective.  To protect yourself you need to reapply your sunscreen every 30-60 minutes.  That greatly increases the amount of endocrine disruptors absorbed by your body.

There are alternatives to sunscreens with these harmful ingredients.  One alternative is natural oil.  However not all oils have the same SPF (sun protection factor). Some oils naturally block UV rays better than others.  If this is your choice of sunscreen please learn the SPF of oils and use them wisely.  You can start your search here.

Also consider using certified organic sunscreen.  You can choose from several certified organic products.  Remember the certified organic seal means no synthetic chemicals of any kind.

All Indian Meadow Herbals products have no harmful chemicals of any kind.  

What is your opinion of harmful chemicals being added to the products you use on your skin?

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