The Future of Our Food and Water

We believe healthy, affordable food and safe drinking water are vital and necessary to all citizens.

Yet we constantly hear news stories that speak to the contrary.

One cause of concern for the safety of our food and water is pesticides. There are volumes of research on the effects of pesticides on health and the environment. Here is a great info-graphic from Washington University School of Public Health. Pesticides are linked to cancer, obesity, infertility, birth defects and autism.

To Indian Meadow Herbals these studies point to certified organic production as a solution. Supporting organic farming practices and land stewardship is one way we demonstrate our commitment to people and the environment. We manufacture skin care products with certified organic ingredients for this reason.

We have found a great site, Plate of the Union, that is committed to educating consumers about how they can help to bring about the changes in current food policies. Indian Meadow Herbals would like to share a link from Plate of the Union that makes it very easy to voice your support of healthy, affordable food and safe drinking water. Click here.

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