You may have noticed in reading our article Ingredient Rundown: Plantain, that we mentioned allantoin as one of the beneficial components present in plantain.

Allantoin is a course white unscented powder used in skin care products by cosmetic manufacturers for the multiple benefits it lends to the product. Allantoin helps retain moisture, exfoliates dead tissue, has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cell health.

Allantoin is derived from plantain, comfrey, and animal sources.

Here’s where the FYI comes in. Animal based allantoin comes from uric acid. The urea is oxidized with an acid, usually glyoxylic acid, producing allantoin. This uric acid comes from cows.

Yes, you are correct…cow urine!


Natural plant and animal based allantoin are chemically equal. Allantoin is a valuable component of skin care and that is why most skin care companies add it to their products.

Indian Meadow Herbals wants you to know that our Love Your Body Cream, Love Your Body Oil, Skin Healer Salve and Bite Balm  contain 100% plant based certified organic plantain. No urea.

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