Why Buy Direct from the Manufacturer?

Better Service

The manufacturer knows all the products inside and out. They can answer any questions about their products and its’ uses. Information on the company website will be accurate and complete.

If you have complaints or concerns about the product, the manufacturer will not just refund your purchase but find out why you were dissatisfied and help to remedy your concerns.

Better Quality

The manufacturer will carry all products in all sizes and colors. You will not be limited in your shopping experience.ece6f-blueline350px

Manufacturer’s quality is assured. They have more incentive to make you happy. Repeat customers that will tell all their friends is the goal of any good manufacturer.


We have all heard of knock-off brands and the stories of not getting what you thought you were ordering. These headlines have made a major impact in online commerce. When you buy directly from the manufacturer you can be certain of the authenticity and quality of your purchase.

Go to http://www.imherbal.com now to order direct from the manufacturer.  We appreciate your business.

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